Recipe: Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream Sandwich


Happy National Ice Cream Day!! What better way to "cele" than with an ice cream sandwich for #150BunsofSummer! Unicorns are still in fashion, so it's time to fashion these mystical creatures into the most mystical ice cream sammy of all. How do we do it? With toasted, honey-rolled buns, we dip them in sprinkles and watch the magic unfold!


8 Wonder™ White Hamburger Buns

1-2 pints of pastelcoloured ice cream (mint chocolate chip, for example)

1 cup coloured sugar

1 cup rainbow sprinkles

½ cup honey


  1. Roll eight balls of ice cream and set in the freezer for 10 minutes.
  2. Toast Wonder™ White Hamburger Buns in oven until warm, but not too crispy.
  3. Brush bun tops with honey.
  4. Pour coloured sugar on a plate and roll honey-covered side of bun in the sugar.
  5. Remove ice cream balls from freezer; pour rainbow sprinkles on a plate and roll ice cream balls in sprinkles until they’re covered.
  6. To serve, sandwich the ice cream ball between Wonder™ buns.