Recipe: Mozzarella-Stuffed Meatball Sub


Happy #BacktoSchool!!! Wow. It's here. Summer is over and so is #150BunsofSummer on ToFoodies. It's been a long and flavourful journey. As a home cook and food writer, I can honestly say it was such a pleasure to put together all of the recipes. Some recipes pushed me out of my comfort zone, trying to recreate classics for the first time that I'd enjoyed all over Toronto. Others were ye old faithfuls that I couldn't wait to share.  I really feel like we pushes the limits of buns, but at the same time, there's is so much more you can do with these little guys. The results of this summer's journey are 12 RECIPES that will always hold a place dear to my heart.

We hope you enjoyed this series as much as we did, and I hope you can continue to enjoy the 150BunsofSummer Recipes for years to come! Here is the last recipe, and it's a super-fun twist on a meatball sub. The mozzarella surprise in the centre is most welcome, and I could pile flat leaf parsley on up to the ceiling.


8 Wonder™ White Hotdog Buns

2 lbs. of ground beef

1 small bunch of parsley, chopped

½ cup of breadcrumbs

½ cup of parmesan cheese

1 white onion, finely diced

Salt & pepper

2 eggs

8 oz. Mozzarella cheese, cut into ½ inch cubes

2 jars tomato sauce

½ cup red wine (or chicken broth)


1. Combine all meatball ingredients in a bowl, except for Mozzarella, mixing with your hands.

2. Roll meatballs to be 1.5 inches in diameter and stuff Mozzarella cubes into the centre of each ball.

3. Brown meatballs on your stovetop in batches, over medium-high heat to seal in the cheese.

4. Remove all meatballs and deglaze the pan by adding the red wine and scraping the bottom of the pan to incorporate the caramelized beef. Add both jars of tomatoes sauce and stir.

5. Add the meatballs back in carefully and cook on low heat for roughly 45 minutes, until cooked through.

6. Toast and butter hot dog buns; place tomato sauce, three meatballs, parmesan cheese and parsley in each bun.


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