Oh Canada: Ganong Chocolates 2.0

You may remember last year when Ganong Chocolatier sent me a box of chocolates that was about as pretty as a box from Tiffany and Co. This year, they decided to do one better and essentially send ToFoodies nearly THE ENTIRE HOLIDAY LINE to peruse and taste on our own time.  Naturally, it was a challenge we were up for. Just to remind you, Ganong is actually the oldest chocolate and candy company in Canada. After being established in 1873, they’re still family-owned and operated in downtown St. Stephen, New Brunswick. But in keeping up with their history-making past, Ganong now has its first female President & CEO! Can you guess her name? It’s Bryana Ganong, and yes, she is FIFTH GENERATION Ganong royalty.

You no doubt have seen some or all of these chocolatey items on your dinner table, perhaps during a festive meal. A staple for your holiday SZN gift giving, all the below are Certified gluten-free, so…. let’s get tasting!

Ganong Delecto

Comments & tasting notes: So many options for this one! See below for the full list of Delecto offerings. But we tried the “Delecto Assorted Dark Chocolates” to get a sense of the line. Delicious. Very Canadian. The maple cream chocolate jumped out at me to try, so sweet and velvety inside. I later learned it’s made with 100% Canadian maple syrup. The Chicken Bone Nougat had a welcome surprise burst of flavour inside that was NOT a chicken bone… so you’ll just have to scroll down to get some more details on what that tastes like.

Alternative Delectos: Delecto Assorted Milk Chocolates, Delecto Assorted Dark Chocolates, Delecto Seasonal Truffles Assortment, Delecto Dark Chocolate Maraschino Cherries, Delecto Peppermint Creams, Delecto Nut & Caramel Assortment, and Delecto Cashew Caramel Clusters


Ganong Chocolatier 

Comments & tasting notes: The aforementioned Tiffany-style box of chocolate- thank you for coming back to me! I opened it up to find all the same great taste, and the classic honeycomb holds these jewels perfectly together. Find out our top three chocolate favourites from last year here. 


The Original Chicken Bones 

Comments & tasting notes: Now THIS is the holidays in your mouth. The hit of cinnamon knocks you back in terms of aroma, but the taste itself is comfortable. Not too spicy, just enough. The exterior is super hard candy, but eventually it will melt down to reveal a gooey chocolate centre. Comes in two shapes AND a gift box these days – so choose your own adventure!

Available Chicken Bones: The Original Chicken Bones + Chicken Bones Gift Box + Chicken Bones Bites


Ganong Fruitful 

Comments & tasting notes: What if you just want a touch of chocolate? What if you want no chocolate at all? Well! There is a solution and it comes in the form of Fruitfull. If you grew up in Canada, you’ve definitely had one (or many) in your life. These jellies are made with natural flavours and colours, and you can taste the difference. A bite of the blueberry, lemon, orange, raspberry, peach and strawberry will actually transcend you to those fruits, except that these are lightly coated in sugar, so it’s just better all around. Also coming in “au chocolat”, you get the same experience, but with a much smaller hit of the good stuff!

Available Fruitfull’s: Fruitfull + Fruitfull Au Chocolat


In partnership with Ganong.