Interview: Erin Rabie & Rachel Kaiser of E&R Sweetery


Earlier February, E&R Sweetery opened its doors to the gleeful cheers of their faithful fans. For Shedoesthcity, I caught up with the ladies before they opened shop to talk about working hard and baked goods:

Danielle Finestone: Tell me everything! What are the biggest changes now that you’ve joined forces?

Erin Rabie: First of all, the capacity alone of what we’re able to do has increased significantly.

Rachel Kaizer: The efficiency, and having someone to bounce ideas off of. Going into this business alone is very difficult. There are late nights and a lot of decisions to be made. It’s so much better with Erin. Physically, mentally, emotionally – literally everything is easier with a partner.

D: What’s the work divide? Who does what?

E: Honestly, we both do the same thing. It totally depends on the day. We both have very similar backgrounds. We actually reunited at an elementary school reunion! With the same vision and goals for our future bakery, we decided that we could do much more together than apart. We both went to business school and have baking experience, but each task is conquered in a different way. I might have an idea and then Rachel comes in with something to add and make it even better.

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