Insta Shout Out: @mykidsbreakfast

I have been following this Instagram account from afar for a long time. To this day, it astonishes me that more people (312 followers, at the time that I’m writing this) haven’t flocked the glory that is the Instagram account, @mykidsbreakfast. The bio is a simple, “A dad who loves to make his 4 year old daughter's breakfast and lunch @mykidslunchbreak”. Just a dad. Doing something he loves for someone he loves. I’m sure @mykidslunchbreak is bomb too, but it’s really the OG @mykidsbreakfast that drew me in.

I mean, look at this. Avocado HEART. I just heard about “avocado roses” a minute ago, and already this guy is on to the next one. Plus, this ham + egg flower.




Glorious. Just the cutest. Breakfast is better when it’s the shape of face.


I could scroll forever.

Let’s show this man some love. He clearly deserves to be on the cover of a parenting or food magazine, or both. He doesn’t know I’m writing this. Follow @mykidsbreakfast and @mykidslunchbreak.